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Karjalan kuohu - Adventure, Rafting and Hunting

Looking for a refreshing outdoor environment? We are right at your service. We are motivated by hospitality and the ability to provide life-changing travel experiences. Our whole team really cares and is fueled by a passion for rafting, adventure, and hunting by offering excellent service to customers. What we do, we do in the best possible manner.

DesignGix - Digital Services

Designgix is a company that helps you stand out in an online realm. We offer digital services such as logo design, web design and development, creative content writing, app development, marketing, social media marketing SMM, search engine marketing SEM, search engine optimization SEO, and more to help you grow your business to the next level. We are a business that values ambitious employees that are driven to our purpose and vision.

Kuljetus Pennanen - Transportation

Kuljetus Pennanen provides professional transportation for the corpses without any discrepancies. We aid people to support and enhance our community activities to get the eye of the local citizens. Besides, we aim to fulfill the devotion that we hold for our people in the hard times.

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